Where can I buy weasel coffee in Hanoi?

How much does weasel coffee cost?

These are domesticated weasels, that live in a large cages, like zoo animals, and are fed coffee along with other foods. The quality of the product is exquisitely rich, with a chocolate overtone and creamy mouth feel. The street price of this coffee in Hanoi is $800 USD per kilo.

What is weasel coffee Vietnam?

“Weasel Coffee” – also known in Indonesia as Kopi Luwak – is made via a process in which coffee cherries are eaten by an Asian palm civet: a small mammal somewhere between a raccoon, a mongoose and a lively house cat. These furry little creatures eat the cherries, which they partially digest and then excrete.

Is weasel coffee safe to drink?

4 Answers. Yes, it’s perfectly safe to drink and extremely delicious. In The Philippines, we often call this ‘Kopi Alamid’, and it truly is one of the rarest coffees on the planet. At around $20 per 75 grams (local price), it’s also one of the world’s most expensive coffees.

What is the most expensive coffee in the world 2020?

Kopi Luwak – The World’s Most Expensive Coffee Beans. This coffee is from Indonesia and is processed by wild Asian Palm Civets.

How much is a cup of cat poop coffee?

In the West, kopi luwak has become known as “cat poop coffee.” With prices ranging between $35 and $100 a cup, or about $100 to $600 a pound, kopi luwak is widely considered to be the most expensive coffee in the world.

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How does weasel coffee taste?

Weasel coffee, Sahra said, had a slightly different taste a flavor profile, but was similar to the grass and arabica elephant coffee, except for its mouthfeel, which was smooth and creamy. “Personally, I think the whole process and backstory is cool and unique,” Sahra said. … Purchase our game-changing coffee beans here.

Does Vietnamese coffee have poop in it?

Is Vietnam Weasel Coffee Really Made from Poop? Yes and no. The coffee beans are collected from the weasel droppings, but the final product has been cleaned and processed. So there is no poop in your cup of coffee, which is a good start to consider should you try weasel coffee in Vietnam.