Where can I play with elephants in Thailand?

How much does it cost to swim with elephants in Thailand?

Cost of Bathing Elephants in Thailand

The listed going rate for a one-day, non-riding elephant experience in Chiang Mai appeared to be between 2000-3000 baht per person, or roughly $60-85.

How much does an elephant cost in Thailand?

Just 2,000 of the animals remain in the wild. Prices have exploded with elephants now commanding between 500,000 and two million baht ($17,000 to $67,000) per baby, estimates suggest.

How much does it cost to see elephants in Thailand?

As such, there are now a lot of places around Thailand where you can see and interact with elephants in a responsible way throughout the country: Wildlife Friends Foundation of Thailand – A full-day visit is 1,600 THB per person and a half-day visit is 1,100 THB per person (excluding transport).

Where can you ride an elephant in the water?

Bali Water Sports and Elephant Ride Tour is an Bali Double Activities Tour Packages to try two famous activities in one day, first you will enjoy the water sports activity and then continue to riding an elephant in Bali islands.

Where is the best place to ride elephants in Thailand?

The Best Places to See Elephants in Thailand

  • Elephant Nature Park. Natural Feature, Park. …
  • Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital. Park. …
  • Elephant Hills. Safari Lodge, Luxury. …
  • Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand. …
  • Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. …
  • The Happy Elephant Home. …
  • Phang Nga Elephant Park. …
  • Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary.
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How much is the elephant Sanctuary in Phuket?

Price: TBH 2,600 (Rs 5879, US$ 79) for adults and TBH 1,800 (Rs 4070, US$ 55) for kids under 10 years of age.

Where can I pet an elephant in the US?

Pet And Feed Elephants At Wilstem Ranch, An Elephant Ranch In Indiana

  • The Wilstem Ranch in Paoli is a one-of-a-kind ranch that every Hoosier should visit at least once in their lifetime. …
  • That’s because the Wilstem Ranch is home to some of the most fascinating creatures on earth – elephants.