Where is Singapore Food Agency?

What happened to AVA Singapore?

AVA was disbanded on 1 April 2019 with its food related duties absorbed by Singapore Food Agency (SFA) which also absorbed the duties of two other statutory boards namely National Environment Agency (NEA) and Health Sciences Authority (HSA).

Is SFA a government agency?

The Singapore Food Agency (abbreviation: SFA) is a statutory board formed under the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment to oversee food safety and security in Singapore.

Singapore Food Agency.

Agency overview
Jurisdiction Government of Singapore
Headquarters 52 Jurong Gateway Road, #14-01, Singapore 608550

Which government is in charge of food?

Structure of U.S. Government

State governments have authority to regulate food businesses within their jurisdiction and primarily regulate food processing (even though much of that oversight has been supplanted by federal law) and the retail sector, such as, restaurants (food services) and grocery stores.

What do food agencies do?

The food banks distribute food and grocery items through food pantries and meal programs that serve families, children, seniors, and individuals at risk of hunger. Last year alone, the Feeding America network distributed more than 3.6 billion meals to people in need.

Which minister is in charge of SFA?

Ministers. The Ministry is headed by the Minister for Sustainability and the Environment, who is appointed as part of the Cabinet of Singapore. The incumbent minister is Grace Fu. Ref.

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How do I contact NEA?

Contact Us

  1. email to Contact_NEA@nea.gov.sg or.
  2. submit electronically via Online Feedback Form or.
  3. contact our NEA Call Centre Hotline : 1800-CALL NEA (1800-2255 632)
  4. members of the media can reach us at media@nea.gov.sg.

How do I make a complaint about a restaurant?

But there’s a better way to do it; here’s how to complain at a restaurant:

  1. Know when to speak up. …
  2. Be polite. …
  3. Be specific about a resolution, if you have one in mind. …
  4. Know that feedback is welcome, but you might not always be right. …
  5. Don’t expect a freebie. …
  6. Do expect a dish you don’t eat and send back to be taken off your bill.

How do I complain about food quality?

Consumers can contact the FSSAI through an online platform called the ‘Food Safety Voice’. This platform gives the people the right to register complaints regarding adulterated, substandard or unsafe food, and poor labelling or misleading ads associated with food products.