Which one is known as the largest region in the Philippines?

What is the most popular region in the Philippines?

The top three regions in terms of population count are Region IV – Southern Tagalog (11.32 million or 15.04% of the total), National Capital Region (10.49 million or 13.93%), Region III – Central Luzon (7.80 million or 10.35%).

What is the main region of the Philippines?

Today people live on only 11 of the islands. But Philippines is divided into 3 main island regions; they are LUZON which is the northern region, VISAYAS which is the central region and MINDANAO, the southern region. Even though there are 7,107 islands, the land mass only adds up to about the area of Arizona.

Is NCR the most populated region in the Philippines?

NCR remains the most densely populated region

The most densely populated region was the National Capital Region (NCR), with a population density of 19,137 persons per square kilometer in 2010. This figure is about 62 times higher than the population density at the national level.

What is Region 1 known?


Its provinces are famous for agro-industrial businesses such as milkfish (bangus) cultivation and processing, livestock raising, fish paste (bagoong) processing, among others.

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