Why is Songkran important to the Thai people?

Why is Songkran important for Buddhists?

Songkran marks beginning of the Thai New Year in line with the Buddhist calendar. It’s easily Thailand’s most famous festival. … Every Songkran holiday period includes at least one visit to a local temple for prayers in addition to offerings of food and alms to monks. 3)Songkran is a time to tidy.

What is the story behind Songkran?

The origins derive from the ancient Indian Festival of Makar Sankriti. The Indian version recognizes the suns celestial path and Thai translates the version recognizing the passing of an old year into a new one. History of the festival traditions originate with the blessings and prayers for Buddhist Monks.

What does Songkran symbolize?

Songkran is the traditional Thai New Year festival since the former time. It is a celebration that embraces goodwill, love, compassion. and thankfulness, using water as the means of expression. The word Songkran derives from Sanskrit meaning to move or step forward.

Why do people throw water during Songkran?

The Songkran Festival is a period when Thai people splash water on themselves, which they believe will cause plenty of rainfall in the coming year. Water is used to cleanse themselves of those bad things and also a symbol of fertility.

What do you say at Songkran?

To wish someone a happy Songkran day, you can use the same pattern: Either of these work: Happy Songkran! Happy Songkran!

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