You asked: Is tembusu tree native to Singapore?

Is Tembusu native?

The tembusu is a large evergreen tree in the family Gentianaceae, native to Southeast Asia (from Indo-China to New Guinea). It is the Malay name for Cyrtophyllum fragrans (synonym Fagraea fragrans).

Order: Gentianales
Family: Gentianaceae
Genus: Cyrtophyllum
Species: C. fragrans

Where is the tembusu tree found in Singapore?

Tembusu Trees

The tembusu, also known as the Fagraea fragrans, is commonly found in Southeast Asia. The trees are plentiful in Singapore, with many old ones still present at the Tanglin area where flora has survived the course of Singapore’s development.

Is tembusu native to Singapore?

The Tembusu is one of Singapore’s most distinctive trees. This native of Singapore is a large, evergreen tree that grows up to 40m in height. This tree can be recognised by its deeply fissured dark brown bark and unique perpendicular branching. It is highly robust and can grow even in poorly drained, clayey soils.

How many trees are there in Singapore?

With an area of 724 square kilometres and a population of 5.6 million people, Singapore has one of the highest population densities in the world. Yet, sharing this space with us are over 2000 recorded native plant species. In total, there are about two million trees planted along roadsides, in parks and state land.

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Why is Singapore’s national flower an orchid?

In the end, the Vanda Miss Joaquim was chosen as the National Flower for its “resilience and year-round blooming quality”. A cross between Vanda hookeriana and Vanda teres, the orchid is named in memory of Miss Agnes Joaquim, who bred the flower in her garden at Tanjong Pagar in 1893.

What is the name of the tree on $5 note?

The Tembusu tree (Fragraea fragrans) is an evergreen tree from the family Gentianaceae that can be found in Singapore. In fact, the Tembusu tree featured in the five-dollar bill is found at Botanic Gardens, where it is deemed by NParks as a Heritage Tree.