Your question: Is RELX legal in Singapore?

Is RELX vape legal in Singapore?

Ang Hwee Min. SINGAPORE: While selling or owning electronic vaporisers, or vapes, is illegal in Singapore, this is not stopping people from openly offering these devices online.

Can I bring my vape to Singapore?

You cannot bring vaporizers, such as e-cigarettes, e-pipes, e-cigars, and refills into Singapore. These items are likely to be confiscated, and you could be fined or sent to prison. The minimum age for the purchase, use, possession, sale and supply of all tobacco products in Singapore is 21 years old.

What is the punishment for Vaping in Singapore?

Possessing, buying or using e-vaporiser products have also been an offence since Feb 1, with a fine of up to S$2,000 per offence. As of Jun 30, 4,316 people were “caught and taken to task” for this offence. “The public is strongly advised not to import, purchase, supply or use prohibited tobacco products,” said HSA.

Where is vaping illegal?

Many countries such as Brazil, Singapore, Uruguay, and India have banned e-cigarettes. Canada-wide in 2014, they were technically illegal to sell, as no nicotine-containing e-cigarettes are not regulated by Health Canada, but this is generally unenforced and they are commonly available for sale Canada-wide.

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How do I report a vape in Singapore?

You may report on any tobacco-related offences via one of the following methods:

  1. Calling the Tobacco Regulation Branch at 6684 2036 or 6684 2037 during office hours (9.00am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday).
  2. Submitting your report through our online feedback form or scan the QR code below:

Can you take Vapes through customs?

Battery-powered E-cigarettes, vaporizers, vape pens, atomizers, and electronic nicotine delivery systems may only be carried in the aircraft cabin (in carry-on baggage or on your person). … Remove all electronic cigarette and vaping devices from carry-on bags if checked at the gate or planeside.

What is not allowed to bring into Singapore?

Prohibited and Controlled Goods

Chewing tobacco and imitation tobacco products (for example, electronic cigarettes) Cigarette lighters in the shape of a pistol or revolver. Controlled drugs and psychotropic substances. Firecrackers.

What can I not take into Singapore?

Here are items that are considered “Prohibited Goods.” In simple words, do not bring these items to Singapore.

  • Chewing gum. …
  • Cigarette lighters with pistol/gun/revolver shapes.
  • Drugs. …
  • E-cigarettes and other tobacco imitation products. …
  • Endangered wildlife & their by-products.
  • Fire crackers. …
  • Pirated articles.