Your question: Why is Newgrounds banned in Indonesia?

Is Newgrounds available in Indonesia?

Kris Antoni – Toge Productions on Twitter: “Newgrounds is being blocked in Indonesia by the government @Newgrounds @TomFulp”

Why is Newgrounds banned?

Users may be banned from reviewing site content if they violate one or more of the guidelines set forth for reviewers, such as making derogatory comments to the author, spamming, or other major violations of review guidelines.

Is Newgrounds safe to use?

Monitor what they are playing and your child will be 100% safe. Games on the website although can be fun, many of them are made by fans and your child might not find a lot of variety.

What sites are blocked in Indonesia?

On 22 May 2019, Indonesian government blocked Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram for three days after the 22 May riots in Jakarta to prevent hoaxes and fake news of the situation during the riots from spreading. The event also increased awareness of using VPN to access blocked content during the block.

Who made Friday night Funkin?

Does InnerSloth own Puffballsunited?

Co-founder of InnerSloth (@innerslothdevs) Creator of the Henry Stickmin Series ( ) i’m one of the creators of Among Us(@amongUsGame)!

How do you play flash games 2021?

Enough talking, here’s how you’ll play old Flash games using Flashpoint:

  1. Visit the official Flashpoint website.
  2. Download either version of Flashpoint.
  3. Wait for it to finish downloading since it’ll take a while.
  4. Install Flashpoint.
  5. Launch Flashpoint.
  6. Select the game you want to play, and it’ll launch. …
  7. Close the game.
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