Does the Philippines have deforestation?

How much deforestation has occurred in the Philippines?

Primary forest loss and tree cover loss: Philippines

Year Primary forest Tree cover (30%)
2015 6,477 66,092
2016 13,387 129,572
2017 13,610 114,712
2018 9,221 70,764

What is the cause of deforestation in the Philippines?

Aside from logging (whether legal or illegal), other causes of deforestation in the Philippines are forest fires, “kaingin” farming (slash-and-burn agriculture), and mining operations. Volcanic eruptions have also devastated some of the country’s tropical rainforests.

Who is responsible for deforestation in the Philippines?

In spite of these bans the rate of deforestation remained at about 150,000 hectares in the 1980s. Deforestation is caused by shifting cultivation, landuse conversion, forest fires, illegal logging and 40 million m3 of fuelwood harvested each year.

Does the Philippines have deforestation?

The Philippines is one of the most severely deforested countries in the tropics and most deforestation has happened in the last 40 years. Estimates place forest cover in the Philippines in the year 1900 at 21 million hectares, covering 70 % of the total land area.

What area has the most tree cover all over the Philippines in 2010?

As of 2000, 45% of Philippines was natural forest cover. In Philippines as of 2010, the top 10 regions represent 32% of all tree cover. Palawan had the most tree cover at 1.16Mha compared to an average of 227kha.

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