Frequent question: Can EP holder invest in Singapore?

Can Work Permit holder buy stocks in Singapore?

Answer: An Employment Pass holder is allowed to own shares in a Singapore-registered company.

Is EP considered Singapore resident?

An Employment Pass or EP is a Singapore work visa issued by Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower to foreign professional employees, managers, and owners or directors of Singaporean companies. … Possessing an EP also makes it easier for you to apply for permanent residence (PR) in Singapore.

Can EP holder work for another company?

Yes, but only if the EP holder has obtained a Letter of Consent ( LOC ) from MOM . We recognise that secondary directorship positions in related companies, e.g. subsidiary, may be critical to the EP holder’s job role.

Can an EP holder be a director in Singapore?

S Pass and Work Permit holders are not allowed to be directors of any company in Singapore. The general position is that an EP holder is only allowed to work for the employer specified on the EP. … However, companies appointing EP holders from other companies to the Board of Directors must first seek approval from MOM.

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Can a Work Permit holder be a shareholder?

No. S Pass or Work Permit holders are not allowed to carry on or manage any business in Singapore. As such, they cannot register themselves as sole-proprietors, partners or directors of any Singapore-registered company.

Can foreigners buy Singapore stocks?

There are eleven stock brokers in Singapore that deal with retail investors and most accept non-resident investors (possible exceptions appear to be Citibank Brokerage and Standard Chartered). … However, the best choice for many international investors will probably be either OCBC Securities or Phillip Securities.

Is an EP a work permit?

The Employment Pass (EP) is the main type of work permit meant for company owners or skilled employees who will be working in Singapore. Your fixed monthly salary must be more than S$3,600 . There is no official quota system limiting the number of EPs that can be issued.

Is employment pass same as PR?

In order to apply for permanent residence (PR) under PTS scheme, you must be an Employment Pass holder. … The procedure to acquire Singapore permanent residence (PR) through the PTS scheme is straightforward, though it requires research, leg-work and attention to detail.

What is an EP in Singapore?

The Employment Pass allows foreign professionals, managers and executives to work in Singapore. Candidates need to earn at least $4,500 a month and have acceptable qualifications.

Can EP holders start a business?

Yes, you can start a business on an employment pass in Singapore. Read on to know what it exactly means. You, like any other investor, can invest in the shares of any company and be its shareholder (owner).

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Can EP holder do freelancing?

The Personalised Employment Pass is not for business owners or independent freelancers, which means that PEP holders are not eligible to start their own business nor engage in any entrepreneurial activity in Singapore.

Can I own a company and work for another in Singapore?

The Employment of Foreign Manpower (Work Passes) Regulations 2012 prohibits holders of a Work Permit (including foreign domestic workers) or S Pass, from being employed by or contracted to any other person or business (apart from the employer stated in the Work Permit/S Pass) to do work for that person or business.