Frequent question: What type of housing is the most popular in Hanoi?

What type of housing is in Vietnam?

There are various types of housing developed in urban and rural areas of Vietnam. Row houses, detached houses, semi-detached houses, high-rise and low-rise apartments constitute the urban structure while traditional houses are built in rural regions.

What are Vietnamese houses called?

A Vietnamese stilt home is an abode, usually made of wood and thatched roofing, raised up on stilts several metres above the ground. These houses were originally made to withstand flooding, as the wet season affects every part of Vietnam and can be especially vicious in the countryside.

Why are Vietnamese houses so narrow?

Secondly, many houses and buildings in Vietnam seem seem to be very tall and narrow. The reason for this is the way people are/were taxed on property – by the width of the front of the building. These buidlings are reffered to as “tube houses” and often include courtyards partway through to improve air flow.

What is Hanoi best known for?

Hanoi is famous for ancient temples, citadels, authentic museums, French’s architectural buildings, colorful markets as well as many spectacular landscapes. Hanoi also attracts the tourists by the 36 hustling and bustling streets with plenty of shops with a varied option from food to clothes.

What types of environments are in Vietnam?

Although with a not too large area more than 330,000 square kilometers, Vietnam still has three main ecosystems including terrestrial ecosystems, wetland ecosystems and marine ecosystems.

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Why are houses in Vietnam so expensive?

Vietnam is now widely seen as the next luxury property market hotspot, with a booming economy, coupled with laws that recently have made it easier for foreigners to purchase property. As a result, wealthy international investors have been flocking into the country in recent years.