Frequent question: Who is the God of the Filipino?


What is the name of god in Philippines?

Supreme Deities of Philippine Mythology

The most commonly known is Bathala, the supreme god and creator deity of the Tagalog people. In the Eskaya tradition, the supreme deity is a child called Ai Suno, who is linked to a sacred silver bell called Lingganay nga Ugis.

How many Filipino gods are there?

There are over a hundred distinct pantheons in the Philippines. Some ethnic groups have pantheons ruled by a supreme deity (or deities), while others revere ancestor spirits and/or the spirits of the natural world, where there is a chief deity but consider no deity supreme among their divinities.

Who is the God of Death in Philippines?

Philippines. Magwayen – the goddess of afterlife and the first ocean deity, according to Visayan mythology. Known for being the goddess who collects souls and takes them to Sulad with her boat.

Who is Hanan in Philippine mythology?

Hanan: Deity of the Dawn

Hanan is the sister of Mayari and Tala and one of the three daughters of Bathala by a mortal woman. The first prayer of the day is given to Bathala, Apolaki, and her as a sign of a new day. She is especially important during the entrance of a new age or a new phase in a person’s life.

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