How can I adopt my nephew in the Philippines?

How can I adopt a relative child in the Philippines?

By Philippine law, the adoptive relative must be connected to the child within the fourth degree of consanguinity. A child who is any other relation to the prospective adoptive parents would not be eligible under relative adoption procedures but may qualify as a pre-identified adoption on a case by case basis.

How can I adopt my nephew and niece in the Philippines?


  1. Choose a U.S. accredited or approved adoption service provider.
  2. Apply to USCIS to be found eligible to adopt.
  3. Be matched with a child by authorities in the Philippines.
  4. Apply to USCIS for the child to be found eligible for immigration to the United States and receive U.S. agreement to proceed with the adoption.

Can you adopt someone as a nephew?

How do I adopt my nephew? You can adopt your nephew if a court decides that his parents can no longer take care of him and only if the court decides that you are legally qualified and competent do adopt the child.

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How long does it take to adopt your nephew?

In an agency adoption, depending on the workload of the agency selected, it will take anywhere from six months to a year to complete an adoption family assessment. Most adoptive placements occur one to several months after the family assessment has been approved.

How much does it cost to adopt a relative in the Philippines?

Filing Fee (Estimated PhP3,000.00): The filing fees for a petition for adoption, where the petitioner is a Filipino citizen is PhP2,000.00.

Can I adopt my niece and nephew?

You will first need to request a guardianship over your niece and nephew, then seek to terminate the parental rights and adopt them. If the mother is willing, she can agree to all of this in advance and make the process smooth for you.

What is the requirements for adoption in the Philippines?

What are the qualifications of an adopter?

  • The adopter must be a Filipino citizen;
  • He must be of legal age;
  • In possession of full civil capacity and legal rights;
  • Of good moral character;
  • Has not been convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude;
  • Emotionally and psychologically capable of caring for children;

How do I apply for adoption papers in the Philippines?

There are two main steps in adoption in the Philippines, the administrative and the judicial. The administrative processes is done through the DSWD. Potential parents must go through several steps including attending seminars on adoption, applying for the proper DSWD paperwork, and going through an assessment.

How do I legally adopt my nephew?

The prospective adoptive parents, who intend to adopt the child of a relative as defined in sub-section (52) of section 2 of the Act, shall file an application in the competent court under sub-section 2 of section 56 or sub section (1) of section 60 of the Act in case of in-country relative adoption or inter-country …

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Can my aunt and uncle adopt me?

Not unless their parental rights have already been terminated. They would have to be given notice of an adoption proceeding.

Can my nephew live with me?

In most states, legally a young person between 16-18 is in a gray area; your nephew could possibly decide to live with you — unless his parents fight it through the courts. A family court judge will have to weigh the options on your niece’s behalf.