How do I get from Laem Chabang to Bangkok?

Is there a train from Phuket to Bangkok?

Trains from Phuket to Bangkok. It’s a two part journey to travel from Phuket to Bangkok by train. The first part of the journey is to take a bus to the nearest train station which is in Surat Thani. The second part of the journey is then by train from Surat Thani direct to Bangkok.

What is the best transport in Bangkok?

The best way to get around Bangkok is by Skytrain or Metro, which is fast, affordable and easily navigable for visitors. The city also offers an extensive network of buses, but these are prone to traffic jams, which the city is notorious for. Taxis are fairly cheap, but again, gridlock is a regular issue.

How much is a train from Bangkok to Phuket?

The train travel time is 11 hours 40 minutes (plus the journey to the railway station and the journey from Surat Thani to Phuket), the ticket cost is $52 for a first-class ticket and $35 – for a second-class one. Tickets can be bought on the Internet or at Hua Lamphong railway station ticket office.

How do you travel from Phuket to Bangkok?

The best way to get from Phuket to Bangkok is to fly which takes 3h 38m and costs ฿650 – ฿9000. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs ฿600 – ฿950 and takes 11h. How long is the flight from Phuket to Bangkok? The quickest flight from Phuket Airport to Suvarnabhumi Airport is the direct flight which takes 1h 20m.

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How much is public transport in Bangkok?

Types of buses in Bangkok

Most buses (except for all-night ones) run between 5am and 11pm daily. Regular buses cost around 8 baht, while the expressway buses cost from 10 baht. Air-conditioned buses (cream-blue) start from 12 baht (depending on the distance travelled). All-night buses (cream-red) are about 9.50 baht.

How long is taxi from Bangkok to Pattaya?

Expect the journey time to take around 80 to 90 minutes and remember that the official meter-taxi price is 1050 baht.

How much taxi from BKK to Pattaya?

How much is a taxi from Bangkok to Pattaya? If you book a taxi via your hotel or use an official meter-taxi, you can expect to pay around 1500 baht. However, you can negotiate prices with drivers. Grab is also an option but expect to pay 2000 baht.

Is Bangkok cheaper than Pattaya?

On the contrast, Pattaya is quite a bit cheaper. This is especially true as you go further away from Beach Road and Walking Street. You have to understand that Pattaya is more of a beach town than a major city center like Bangkok.

What is the culture of Bangkok?

Bangkok’s culture is influenced by the modern day, yet still retains very proud links to its tradition and Buddhist spirituality. This culture can be found on every street corner, in the food, language, music, dance, the arts, and Buddhist temples.