How does marriage work in Thailand?

How does a Thai wedding work?

With a Thai wedding, the groom chooses one of his close friends to officially do the asking. This intermediary friend will also negotiate the bride’s dowry, or sin sod, with her family. … An auspicious wedding date must be chosen by a monk with astrology experience or an astrologer.

Can foreigners get married in Thailand?

In Thailand it is legal for foreigners to marry either Thai citizens or other foreign nationals. … Thailand Marriage can be performed at a local district office known as an ‘amphur’ or ‘khet’. In order for foreigners to get married in Thailand they must have clearance from their embassy.

What happens when you marry a Thai woman?

Traditionally, a man marrying a Thai bride would move in with her family; the husband would then be obligated to take care of his new in-laws financially, and would receive their support in reciprocation. Family homes are usually inherited through female children, with their husbands also benefiting.

Is there common law marriage in Thailand?

The principle of a common law or de facto marriage (whether it concerns a heterosexual or homosexual couple) is NOT recognized under Thai law. Marriage under the Thailand Civil and Commercial Code shall be effected only on registration being made.

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How much money do you give at a Thai wedding?

Wedding invitations and wedding gifts

If somebody is invited to a wedding but can’t make it, they may still send money as a wedding gift. A normal donation by a guest at an average wedding is between 100 to 500 Baht, but will be more if the guest has a good job or is respected in the community.

What do foreigners need to get married in Thailand?

Foreigners who are wishing to marry shall appear in person with their respective passports and arrival card at their Embassy in Thailand to complete declarations attesting that he/ she is single and free to marry in accordance with Thai Law and the registration shall be effected by a Thai Diplomatic or Consular Officer …

Do I need a visa to get married in Thailand?

You must first go to your embassy to obtain an Affirmation of Freedom to Marry in Thailand. Your embassy will most likely require you to make an appointment to get your affirmation done. … The cost depends on the embassy, but will be around the 3,500 Baht mark.

How do I register a foreign marriage in Thailand?

Foreigners who want to get married in Thailand must first obtain clearance from their respective embassies. Some embassies in Thailand may require you to get your Single Certificate first from your home country prior to your arrival in Thailand. They will then certify this for the marriage registration.