How does Raiz work in Malaysia?

Is Raiz legal in Malaysia?

How does Raiz work? Raiz helps you proactively invest into Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad (ASNB)’s unit trust funds. These funds are not given a Syariah compliant status by the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC), however the local Islamic councils, both at state and federal level, considers them to be “permissible”.

Can Raiz earn me a lot of money?

Very effective. Raiz rounds ups as little as $0.01 on a $0.99 purchase, up to as much as $1.00 from a flat $10 purchase. So, if you make four transactions per day, rounding up an average of 50 cents each time, that will work out to $730 per year! And the best bit – you won’t even notice it.

Is Raiz a good way to invest?

While Raiz is a great app for investing newbies, even their most aggressive portfolio isn’t actually that aggressive when you compare it with other methods of investing. So while it’s a good way to get started in investing, don’t expect to see massive returns on your investments.

Can Raiz use CIMB Bank?

CIMB Bank is a member of the CIMB Group Holdings Berhad (“CIMB”), a listed entity in the Bursa Malaysia Stock Exchange. CIMB is a respected financial services provider. Raiz and the Custodian will not lend your investments to anyone else, or use them to raise finance.

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Is Raiz Shariah compliant?


Raiz puts your money into ASNB unit trusts that are not officially Shariah-compliant.

How do you make the most out of Raiz?

Here are 5 ways to save more by making the most out of Raiz!

  1. Automate your Savings Goal.
  2. Check out ‘Uncategorised’ tab in My Finance.
  3. Do your normal shopping through Raiz Rewards.
  4. Get to know your finances instantly with Ashlee, the Raiz Chatbot.
  5. Personal Contributions to Raiz Invest Super.

How does Raiz make money?

Answer surveys = cash invested in you

We’ve partnered with Pureprofile so you can earn cash rewards by completing surveys within the Raiz app in your spare time! Go to the Raiz Rewards section in the app and tap on the ‘Pureprofile’ tile (It’s right at the top of the list so it’s easy to find).

Does Raiz pay dividends?

Every Raiz portfolio receives dividends, some quarterly, some half yearly, and most months the AAA ETF pays interest income as a dividend. … Some of the ETFs in the Raiz portfolios are expected to pay dividends in April! They are AAA, STW, IAF, RCB, IVV and VGE.

How safe is Raiz?

Raiz has a fairly well designed and user friendly mobile application, with secure 256 bit encryption to protect your identity, bank account and investments.

Are Raiz fees high?

Yes, Raiz fees are high when you have little in your account, but would you be saving as much otherwise? Since launching in 2016, Raiz has had more than 1.4 million people sign up and over $639 million funds under management as at 31 January 2021.

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How secure is Raiz?

SSL Encryption

Our website and app are secured with 256-bit encryption.