How far is Balesin Island from Manila?

How do I get from Manila to Balesin?

There is no direct connection from Manila Airport (MNL) to Balesin Island. However, you can take the bus to Epifanio de los Santos Avenue, Lungsod ng Pasay, take the walk to Manila Pasay, take the bus to Quezon, take the walk to Tayabas, take the bus to Mauban, then take the travel to Balesin Island.

How long does it take from Manila to Balesin?

How long does it take to get from Manila to Balesin Island? It takes approximately 6h 59m to get from Manila to Balesin Island, including transfers.

How long is flight to Balesin?

This high-speed, twin-engine turbo prop seats 19 passengers. Flying time from Manila to Balesin with this aircraft averages 20 minutes. As a member, you are entitled to the luxury of your own departure lounge and terminal through Balesin Island Club’s personal arrangements.

Can I go to Balesin even if I am not a member?

Balesin Island is exclusive to members and their guests. But if you’re not a member or you don’t know anyone who is, don’t worry. The island is open for weddings, conferences, and events, so maybe you can convince your boss to hold your next company outing there!

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How much is per night in Balesin?

The room’s rate is P10,000 per night irregardless of the number of people. You can even request for an extra bed. All the rooms in the resort cost either P10,000 or 20,000.

Where is the airport going to Balesin?

Balesin Airport

Balesin Airport Paliparan ng Balesin (Filipino)
Owner/Operator Alphaland Corp.
Location Balesin Island, Polillo, Quezon
Elevation AMSL 8 m / 25 ft
Coordinates 14°25′09″N 122°02′21″ECoordinates: 14°25′09″N 122°02′21″E

How much does it cost to get married in Balesin?

For the ceremony and reception venues, there are 11 venues with varying rates. The Balesin Chapel costs P8,960 while other venues cost P16,800. Bu the Royal Balesin Villa is around P84,000 but allows you 4 hours of use.

Who is the owner of Amanpulo?