How is public transportation used in Singapore?

Why does Singapore have a good public transport system?

Singapore clinched the top spot for public transport affordability, and also scored well in transport efficiency and safety. “Singapore has created a best-in-class public transport system, which is accessible, efficient, convenient, sustainable, and at the same time affordable,” the report said.

What is the most used transport in Singapore?

The main passenger transport in Singapore comprises of the public bus, train system and taxis. A major form of transportation is rail: The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) which now has more than 130 stations across five lines, and the Light Rail Transit (LRT) with 40 stations across two lines.

How is public transport in Singapore?

Whatever your preferred mode of commute, travelling in Singapore is convenient and efficient, thanks to an extensive and integrated network of roads, trains, buses and taxis. Walking, cycling and other greener ways to travel are made easier with more sheltered walkways, park connectors and measures for a car-lite city.

How many people use MRT in Singapore?

In 2020, an average of approximately 2.2 million passengers a day used the MRT in Singapore.

Characteristic Average number of passengers per day
2017 3,122
2016 3,095
2015 2,871
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How many people travel by bus in Singapore?

The number of buses on the roads has gradually increased over the years and in 2018 there were 19,379, a slight increase on last year’s 19,285. Bus ridership rose by 2.2 per cent to hit the 4 million mark for the first time.


Number (‘000) 2017 2018
Bus 3,952 4,037
Total 7,264 7,538

What are the disadvantages of using public transport in Singapore?

Here are the six things we hate most about Singapore public transport!

  • Overcrowded bus / train during peak hours. You know that’s going to be the first. …
  • Long waiting time for bus during off-peak hours. …
  • Excuses by bus companies. …
  • Increasing fares. …
  • Seats too small. …
  • When you need a cab, the entire population needs one, too.

What is the best way to get around in Singapore?

The best way to get around Singapore is via its Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) subway system. This underground network has lines that stretch across the entire city. However, once you’re in the desired neighborhood, walking is your best option. MRT also operates bus routes that can get you just about anywhere on the island.

Which country has best public transport?

1. Hong Kong, China. Hong Kong metro is hailed as one of the best public transport systems in the world. Immaculate cleanness, tactile flooring, braille plates for specially-abled people are some of its key highlights.