How many hours travel from China to Manila?

How many hours is from China to Philippines?

Distance from China to Philippines is 3,096 kilometers.

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between China and Philippines is 3,096 km= 1,924 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from China to Philippines, It takes 3.44 hours to arrive.

How many days does it take to travel from China to Philippines?

*As far as transit times from China to Philippines are concerned, it should range around 7-13 days, depending on the city of departure in China.

Is there a flight from China to Philippines?

China Southern Airlines operates 16 non-stop flights from Guangzhou (CAN) to Manila (MNL).

How many days does it take to ship from China?

How Long Does it Take to Ship Cargo From China to the US? When importing from China to the US, you should expect your consignment to take at least three or four days to make its journey by air, and up to five weeks if you choose ocean freight.

How long does shipping from China take?

As China Post and USPS have an agreement, it usually takes between nine and 12 days to receive a package from China. The seller needs to choose the ePacket shipping option for this speedy service.

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How long does lazada deliver from China to Philippines?

Items shipped from overseas may take a longer delivery time as additional time is required for the items to be transported from overseas to the Philippines. The majority of these products will be delivered within 8 to 17 calendar days.

How much is the flight from Philippines to China?

Flights to Cities in China

Flights Lowest Price
Manila, Philippines to Shanghai ₱64,668
Manila, Philippines to Beijing ₱88,100
Manila, Philippines to Guangzhou ₱15,977
Manila, Philippines to Xiamen ₱85,007

How many hours is Korea from Philippines?

Most of the flights by major airlines departing from Seoul arrive at Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Non-stop flight time from South Korea (ICN) to Philippines (MNL) by different airlines.

Journey Duration Airline
ICN ➝ MNL 4 hours 10 minutes Philippine Airlines