How many rivers are in Myanmar?

How many long rivers are there in Myanmar?

Longest Rivers In Myanmar (Burma)

Rank Longest Rivers in Myanmar (Burma) Total Length
1 Mekong 2,703 miles (shared with 5 other countries)
2 Salween 1,491 miles (shared with Thailand and China)
3 Irrawaddy 1,348 miles
4 Chindwin 750 miles

What are the major rivers in Myanmar?

Rivers -The Flowing Nectar

  • Irrawaddy/Ayeyarwady River. Myanmar’s most important commercial waterway is Irrawaddy River which is the principal river of Myanmar, running through the centre of the country. …
  • Chindwin River. …
  • Salween River. …
  • Sittaung River.

What are the names of rivers of Myanmar?

Indian Ocean

  • Nāf River.
  • Kaladan River.
  • Lemro River.
  • Mayu River.
  • Kaleindaung River.
  • Pathein River (Bassein River) A-thút. Dagā River.
  • Pyanmalot River (Pyamalaw River)
  • Irrawaddy River (Ayeyarwady River) Lai Za Stream. Mung Lai Stream. Yin River. Mon River. Yaw River. Kyaw River. Chindwin River. Myittha River. Manipur River. Uyu River.

What are the two rivers found in Myanmar?

One of the rivers of Myanmar, Irrawaddy, flows 2000km and begins and ends within one country, giving it life, witnessing its history bringing together the people of the far north to the southerners living in delta lands.

What is the shortest river in Myanmar?

What is the shortest river in Myanmar? Ridong Qu headwaters, southeast Tibet, China: The geographical source.

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What is Iravati river?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Iravati River may refer to: Ravi River, a transboundary river crossing North-Western India and Eastern Pakistan. Ayeyarwady River or Irrawaddy River, from north to south through Myanmar.

Which is the largest river of Bhutan?

The Manas and all its main branches, including all its tributaries, constitutes the largest river system in Bhutan, with a total length of 3 200 km. The main Manas, or Gong River drains about 18 300 km2 in eastern Bhutan, rising beyond the Great Himalayan range.