Is Indian currency accepted in Bangkok?

Is Indian currency banned in Thailand?

Most of Agents in Thailand not accepting Indian Currency in Thailand. They are saying we stopped accepting Indian Currency after Demonetisation in India. So please carry Thai Baht in Advance if you travelling from INDIA.

How much Indian currency can I carry to Bangkok?

You can carry as much money as you like into Thailand. If you are carrying more than USD20,000 or its foreign currency equivalent, you must declare this to a Customs Officer on arrival and fill in a declaration form. For this, you would also need your passport & boarding pass.

Where can I exchange Indian currency in Bangkok?

Re: Indian Rupees Exchange in Bangkok, Thailand? Sawasdee, You could exchange money at the BKK airport or Bangkok city center. Superrich Thailand offers good rates.

Can I use my Indian debit card in Thailand?

8. Can we use our debit or credit card in Thailand? Yes, you can use your international transactions enabled credit/debit card in Thailand. Make sure to inform the bank of your travel abroad.

How much Indian rupees can I carry to Thailand?

How much INR can I carry to Thailand? The minimum amount of money required to enter Thailand is 10,000 baht (INR 23,411) per person and 20,000 baht (INR 46,283) per family. You’re not permitted to import more than 50,000 baht (INR 1,17,057) per person.

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How much cash can I carry to Bangkok?

For Thai currency (Baht), any person can bring total amount not exceed THB500,000 to any Thailand’s bounded countries and not exceed THB50,000 to any destination countries. More than that mentioned amount, you have to declare to a Customs Officer or exchange to others currency before depart from Thailand.

How much money do I need to go to Thailand from India?

A: You should budget approximately Rs 5000-6000 for a 5-night trip to Thailand, for meals for one person.

Where can I exchange currency in Thailand?

Updated Hours and Contacts of Foreign Currency Exchange services in Thailand

  • Kasikorn Bank. Tel : (+66)2888-8888. …
  • Siam Commercial Bank of Thailand. Tel : (+66)2777-7777. …
  • Krung Thai Bank. Tel : (+66)2111-1111. …
  • Bank of Ayudhya. Tel : (+66)1572. …
  • Bangkok Bank. Tel : (+66)1333. …
  • Government Saving Bank. Tel : (+66)1115. …
  • TMB Bank.

Is Thailand currency cheaper than India?

On an average, India is cheaper. Yes the hotels are more expensive for the same quality as in Thailand, but you can get basic acco here too if you want. The food, transport and general commodity price levels are much higher in Thailand than in India, although India is fast catching up.

In which country Indian rupee has highest value?

Travel Destinations Where Indian Currency is of High Value

  • Indonesia : 1 INR = 210.49 Indonesian Rupiah. …
  • Paraguay: 1 INR = 86.34 Paraguayan Guarani. …
  • Chile : 1 INR = 9.10 Chilean Peso. …
  • Costa Rica : 1 INR = 8.79 Costa Rican Colon. …
  • Hungary : 1 INR = 3.92 Hungarian Forint.