Is Instagram used in Singapore?

Which social media is most used in Singapore?

In terms of which social media platforms Singaporeans are mostly on, it is YouTube (4.4mn users) and WhatsApp (4.32mn). Singaporeans (88.7%) use YouTube on a daily basis—two hours per day—for general media consumption.

Who uses Instagram the most in Singapore?

There were 2 069 000 Instagram users in Singapore in January 2020, which accounted for 33.7% of its entire population. The majority of them were women – 55.3%. People aged 25 to 34 were the largest user group (830 000).

Which countries mostly use Instagram?

Leading countries based on Instagram audience size as of July 2021 (in millions)

Characteristic Audience in millions
India 180
United States 170
Brazil 110
Indonesia 93

Is Instagram or Facebook more popular in Singapore?

Following suit is Facebook with 98.7 million total visits and Instagram with 21.8 million total visits. With 4.4 million Singaporean users, YouTube has the largest number of users among all social media sites. Facebook falls behind by a small margin with 4.06 million users.

What is the most popular social media platform in Singapore 2021?

Facebook Statistics in 2021

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Around 4.88 million Singaporeans use Facebook, which amounts to more than 90% of all social media users in Singapore. These figures show the status of Facebook as one of the leading social media platforms in the country.

What do Singaporeans use social media for?

They use social media to attract potential buyers and to promote their brand. By June 2020, they 160 thousand followers on Facebook. On the other hand, Xiaxue, a Singaporean blogger, only uses social media platforms to promote herself.

Is Instagram popular in Singapore?

Instagram could therefore be considered as one of the most popular social networks for millennials in Singapore. The Facebook-owned social network counts about 766 million active users worldwide. In Singapore, Instagram ranks fourth among the leading social media platforms .

How many Instagram users are there in 2020?

Number of Instagram users worldwide from 2016 to 2023 (in millions)

Characteristic Dec 2019 forecast Jun 2020 forecast
2021* 909.8 964.3
2020* 854.5 908.2
2019 766.4 796.7
2018 706.5

Which country uses Instagram the least?

In February 2020, the country with the lowest engagement rate for Instagram influencers was Kazakhstan, with 0.37 percent. In other words, 0.37 percent of Kazakhstan’s influencers’ audience liked or commented on their posts in the measured period. The second-lowest engagement rate was in Kyrgyzstan at 0.38 percent.

What countries is Instagram banned in?

These Countries Have Outlawed Social Media

  • China.
  • Turkey.
  • Vietnam.
  • Iran.
  • Bangladesh.
  • North Korea.
  • Uganda.