Is KFC listed in Malaysia?

Does Malaysia have KFC?

The major markets for KFC include China (6,078 stores), the United States (4,062 stores), Japan (1,131 stores), South Africa (914 stores), the United Kingdom (909 stores), Russia (772 stores), Malaysia (718 stores), Thailand (717 stores), Australia (653 stores), and Canada (639 stores).

Who owns KFC now?

Which country KFC is the best?

Top 26 ranks, by kfc franchises in descending order

Rank Name Description
1 China 1,2,3,4 Like USA, China is the other ..
2 United States 1,2,3,4 USA – The Great Birth Place ..
3 Japan 1,2 Japan shares the crown of As ..
4 United Kingdom 1,2,4 Europe, Most KFC Restaurants ..

What is the slogan for KFC?

KFC. August 24, 2020– Our It’s Finger Lickin’ Good slogan has been around for 64 years, which is impressive for a brand in this day and age. We’re firm believers that there’s one simple reason it’s become so famous: because it’s true. Our chicken is, quite simply, Finger Lickin’ Good.

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