Is there a dress code for Raffles Singapore?

What is the dress code for Raffles Singapore?

Raffles Grill

Gentlemen should wear shirts or collared t-shirts with long trousers. Ladies should wear dresses, skirts or trousers. Singlets, shorts, bermudas, sandals, slippers and pool attire are not permitted.

Why do you throw peanut shells on the floor in Raffles?

The tradition was to throw the nuts on the wooden floor to help with clearing the dust. The bar is now open again, although the floors are now mostly tiled. Well worth a visit. … You don’t ‘have’ to but that’s part of the charm of the place, that you can just throw the shells on the floor.

What is Raffles famous for?

Raffles Hotel is famous as the birthplace of the Singapore Sling cocktail. The famous cocktail was created by Raffles bartender Ngiam Tong Boon in 1915.

Why is it called Singapore Sling?

The clever bartender made the beverage pink to give it a feminine flair which, together with the use of clear alcohol, led people to think it was a socially acceptable drink for women. With that, the Singapore Sling was born.

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