Is there child trafficking in Thailand?

Are children trafficked in Thailand?

The majority of sex workers in Thailand are foreigners and more than 60% of females entering the country to work in the sex industry are under the age of 18. There are 75,000 prostituted children in Thailand. This includes both children trafficked into Thailand and local children.

What country is number one in child trafficking?

According to a recent released report by the State Department, the top three nations of origin for victims of human trafficking in 2018 were the United States, Mexico and the Philippines.

Is human trafficking common in Thailand?

According to the Global Slavery Index, Thailand is home to about 610,000 human trafficking victims. For more than two and a half decades, the labour migration to Thailand has continued to increase and it seems unlikely that it will change in the coming years.

Where is trafficking most common?

In the United States, it is most prevalent in Texas, Florida, New York and California. Human trafficking is both a domestic and global crime, with victims trafficked within their own country, to neighboring countries and between continents.

What are the top 10 human trafficking 2020 cities?


  • Houston, Texas. 3,634.
  • Washington, District of Columbia. 401.
  • New York, New York. 3,074.
  • Atlanta, Georgia. 317.
  • Los Angeles, California. 2,803.
  • Orlando, Florida. 285.
  • Washington, District of Columbia. 2,730.
  • Miami, Florida. 271.
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What is the number one city for human trafficking?

American cities with the highest number of reported human trafficking cases in 2019 included: Washington, D.C. Atlanta, GA. Orlando, FL.

Why is human trafficking common in Thailand?

Thailand’s geographical location makes it particularly vulnerable to traffickers – Land routes from neighboring countries into Thailand are not very well secured and corruption is prevalent. This makes it much easier for human traffickers to smuggle people into the country.

How many cases of human trafficking are there in Thailand?

In 2019, the government reported investigating 288 potential trafficking cases (304 in 2018), initiating prosecutions of 386 suspected traffickers (438 in 2018), and convicting 304 traffickers (316 in 2018).

Why does human trafficking occur in Thailand?

Because of its rapid economic growth over the past decades, Thailand attracts many migrants from neighbouring countries, in search of opportunities, fleeing harsh living conditions or looking for a higher income. Here, lack of information and legal protection leaves them extremely vulnerable to human trafficking.