Question: Can Rakuten Japan ship to Singapore?

How can I buy from Rakuten Japan?

Follow these easy steps

  1. Get your free Japanese forwarding address.
  2. Visit (translate the page if you need to)
  3. Either browse to the category or seller you want to buy from or use the search bar.
  4. Add the item to your basket.
  5. Checkout as normal, using your Japanese shipping address.

Does Rakuten Japan sell fake stuff?

All of our products are sourced through official suppliers and we receive a copy of their official invoices as evidence that the products are authentic. In all our years of business since 2001, we have never had counterfeit goods come in and sold.

Which countries is Rakuten available?

The company is headquartered in Barcelona and currently operates in twelve countries around Europe; Spain, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Finland, Austria, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland.

Rakuten TV.

Type Subsidiary
Parent Rakuten
Website Rakuten TV Rakuten Sports

How do you buy things from Rakuten?

How To Buy From Rakuten Japan: A Complete Guide

  1. Access Rakuten directly on ZenMarket. You heard us right! …
  2. Search for your favorite Japanese products. …
  3. Browse the available listings. …
  4. Find out more about the item. …
  5. Add items to your cart.
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How do I order from Rakuten?

How it works

  1. Get your personal address in Japan. Sign up now & get your personal address in Japan to send your items.
  2. Shop on Japanese e-commerce websites. Rakuten Ichiba. …
  3. Tell us how you want to pack and ship your item. Choose your packaging and delivery method on My page.
  4. Get your items worry-free.

Does Rakuten ship to Europe?

With the Rakuten Global Market shutting down as of June 1st, Rakuten will no longer ship items directly to Canada, Europe, or the USA. However, for those of you living in Europe or North America and wish to buy items from Rakuten Japan, you can do so through ZenMarket.

Is Rakuten in the USA?

Location : Rakuten Crimson House West 800 Concar Drive., San Mateo, California, 94402, U.S.A.

Is Rakuten bigger than Amazon?

Now Amazon, not Rakuten, is the bigger e-commerce player in Japan, by some estimates. According to Euromonitor, Amazon was responsible for 25.7% of e-commerce sales in Japan last year; just 12.6% went to Rakuten.

Does Japan have fake products?

Are they genuine? There is always a chance but in Japan, rules regarding fake brand goods are very strict. Big stores such as Donki selling fake bags would be a huge scandal. Japanese people can’t even bring back a fake bag from overseas as a souvenir, FYI.

Is it illegal to sell fake items in Japan?

At present, it can only request that they halt sales of fake or faulty products. … Currently, the government can issue orders to individual sellers of counterfeit and defective products to stop selling such products under the Specified Commercial Transactions Law.

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Is it illegal to sell counterfeit items in Japan?

Items that will infringe on intellectual property such as fake brands and counterfeit goods. Bringing in items that infringe on intellectual property such as fake brands and counterfeit goods is illegal.