Question: Is customs of the Tagalogs is the first book printed in the Philippines?

What was the first book printed in the Philippines in typography?

Doctrina Christiana: The First Book Printed in the Philippines. Manila, 1593.

What are the custom of the Tagalogs by Plasencia?

avoid discussing the conflicting reports of the Indians. old men, and those of most capacity; and from them he have obtained the simple truth, after weeding out much foolishness, in regard to their government, administration of justice, inheritance, slaves, and dowries.

Why Plasencia’s customs of the Tagalogs is important?

important to the grand narrative of Philippine History. The first reason why Plasencia’s Customs of the Tagalogs is important to the grand. The second reason is that Plasencia accounts the religious system before. The third reason is that the “Customs of the Tagalogs” acts as a standard source.

Why is it important to have a background knowledge of Plasencia’s customs of the Tagalog?

Answer: It is important to the grand Spanish narrative as civilizer and savior of our doomed souls from eternal hellfire. That’s why the Spaniards will quote it forever as their prime authoritative source to show just how primitive we were and how great their contribution was to our development.

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