Question: Who is the head of the family in Vietnam?

Can you touch the head of a Vietnamese child?

To touch someone on the top of their head, especially a baby or child, is rude and insensitive. Similarly, do not pass things over another person’s head. It is considered poor manners/uncivilised for women to smoke cigarettes in public.

Do Vietnamese have big families?

The majority of families in Vietnam are extended families as many generations co-live to take care of each other. Family in Vietnam looks similar to a system of mini society with the most elderly having the strongest voice and taking charge of most activities in house.

Is Vietnam family oriented?


Vietnamese are highly family oriented, and a family may be extended or nuclear. Sometimes 2 or 3 generations reside in 1 household. They may not be tolerant or supportive of gay or lesbian siblings; first-generation immigrants are more supportive than the second generation.

What do Vietnamese parents call their kids?

In Vietnam, nicknames are commonly used for boys and girls. Nicknames are usually cute names such as “Mèo” (a cat), “Tít” (small eyes), “Heo” (a pig in Southern Vietnamese dialect), “Tí” (little, tiny) and “Bô Bô” (the sound when a baby starts to speak).

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Why can’t you touch someone’s head in Vietnam?

Head and feet actions to avoid: The head is considered the most sacred spot of the body and the foot is seen as the least sacred. You never touch the head of someone else since this is the most sacred spot of their body.

How do Vietnamese show affection?

Men and women do not show affection in public. However, members of the same sex may hold hands while walking. Always use both hands when passing an object to another person. Touching children on the head is only done by parents, grandparents, etc.

How big are families in Vietnam?

This layer shows the average household size in Vietnam in 2020, in a multiscale map (Country, Province, District, and Commune). Nationally, the average household size is 3.6 people per household. It is calculated by dividing the household population by total households.

What are families like in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, the family is patriarchal, patrilineal, and patrilocal, often with two to four generations under one roof. There is the immediate family (nha) and the extended family (ho). In Vietnam, the immediate family is the nuclear family plus the husband’s parents and the grown sons’ spouses and children.

How many wives can you have in Vietnam?

After marriage

Before 1959, Vietnamese men could have several wives (polygamy) ranked according to responsibility. Thereafter, only one spouse remained married to the husband and second or subsequent marriages were dissolved. When a child is born, it is considered one year old.

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Are Vietnamese parents strict?

Mothers have a lot of authority in their households and are highly respected by their children. They are often characterised as the strict ‘tiger mum‘. … Parents may not allow their children to date until they have finished their tertiary studies, but many begin dating in their late teens.

Do Vietnamese believe in divorce?

A lot of Vietnamese people nowadays, however, believe that increased financial independence and a more liberal view of divorce has helped couples, especially women, escape unhappy marriages after a short time of living under the same roof. … The number of divorces in 2017 had nearly doubled those in 2012.