Quick Answer: Who is billionaire in Philippines?

Who is the richest in the Philippines 2020?

10 richest Filipinos on 2021 Forbes list

  • ENRIQUE RAZON JR: $5.8 billion. …
  • LANCE GOKONGWEI & SIBLINGS: $4 billion. …
  • AYALA: $3.3 billion. …
  • UY COUPLE: $2.8 billion. …
  • TONY TAN CAKTIONG: $2.7 billion. …
  • ANDREW TAN: $2.6 billion. …
  • RAMON ANG: $2.3 billion. …
  • TY SIBLINGS: $2.2 billion.

Who is the Philippines youngest billionaire?

In 2011, Sia become the youngest billionaire in the Philippines at the age of 34 after selling his 70% stake in Mang Inasal to Jollibee. As of September 2021, his net worth was estimated at US$675 million.

Edgar Sia
Nationality Filipino
Education University of San Agustin (dropped out)
Occupation Property developer

Who are the top 10 richest in the Philippines?

The top 10 richest in the Philippines are:

  • Sy siblings; US$16.6 billion.
  • Manuel Villar; $6.7 billion.
  • Enrique Razon Jr.; $5.8 billion.
  • Lance Gokongwei & siblings; $4 billion.
  • Jaime Zobel de Ayala; $3.3 billion.
  • Dennis Anthony & Maria Grace Uy; $2.8 billion.
  • Tony Tan Caktiong; $2.7 billion.
  • Andrew Tan; $2.6 billion.

Does Philippines have royal family?

The current Philippine monarch, since 19 June 2020, is Ferdinand II, of the new Marcos dynasty. … Monarchical governance thenceforth evolved under a continuous succession of Spanish and Portuguese sovereigns and eventually the federal Philippine monarchy of today.

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Is Manny Pacquiao billionaire?

STILL THE RICHEST. Pictured here are senators Manny Pacquiao and Cynthia Villar. Senators Cynthia Villar and Manny Pacquiao, the only two billionaires in the Philippine Senate, are still the richest members of the chamber in 2020.

Who is the youngest billionaire?

At just 29 years old, Sam Bankman-Fried is the youngest billionaire in the world. He earned that title by building and running FTX, a major cryptocurrency exchange that competes with Coinbase.

Who is billionaire in Philippines?

The Sy siblings of SM are still the richest in the Philippines, collectively earning $2.7 billion more in 2021, which pushed up their total net worth to $16.6 billion. Property magnate Manuel Villar is in second place with a net worth of $6.7 billion. He is still the country’s richest individual.