Quick Answer: Why is Philippines called Spice Island?

Which spices came from the Spice Islands?


How many Spice Islands are there?

“The Spice Islands” – the name given to the Moluccas or Maluku Islands in eastern Indonesia. This archipelago consists of over 1,000 islands with a total land mass of 75,000 square kilometres.

What spices came from the East Indies?

The East India Company wanted spices from the East Indies. Spices were in demand in Europe, but the supply was limited. The price was therefore high. Spices such as pepper, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger, were used literally to spice up the taste of food, and for the manufacture of medicines.

Where did nutmeg come from on the Silk Road?

In particular, they grew in the Moluccas or, as they are better known, the Spice Islands. These are a chain of mountainous islands strung out in the Pacific Ocean between Sulawesi (Celebes) and New Guinea. From here came the fragrant spices of cloves and nutmeg which grew nowhere else in the world.

Who took over Spice Islands for Portugal?

In a campaign that lasted seven months British forces took all of the islands in the region; Ambon was captured in February, Banda Neira in August and Ternate and all other islands in the region later that same month. The British held on to the islands until the end of the war.

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Why is Philippines called Spice Island?

The islands were known as the Spice Islands because of the nutmeg, mace and cloves that were exclusively found there, the presence of which sparked colonial interest from Europe in the sixteenth century.