What is Thai tea called?

Is Thai tea just black tea?

Thai tea is a vibrate, delicious beverage that originates from Thailand. Traditionally served over ice, Thai tea is made using black tea and milk. However, you’re getting so much more than that with every sip. About 84% of all tea consumed is black tea.

What is cha nom yen?

Nom yen (Thai: นมเย็น, pronounced [nōm jēn]) is a Thai drink made from sala syrup and hot milk. In Thai, nom means ‘milk’ and yen means ‘cold’. … Nom sot is fresh milk, nom thammada is condensed milk, and nom khon wan is sweetened condensed milk. There are two styles of nom yen: iced and frappe ones.

What is Thai Chai tea?

A base of rich Chinese black tea is mixed with fragrant spices, including ginger, cardamom, and earthy whole saffron. … It can be served iced or hot, simmered with your preferred milk and sweetener.

What is tea susu?

Introduction: How to Make the Batam’s (Indonesia) Best Drink, Teh Susu or Teh-C. … The English name for this tea is milk tea. This tea can use ice if you want. The meaning of Teh-C from the Urban Dictionary, is: “Tea with carton/powdered milk and sugar.

Is Thai Iced Tea unhealthy?

Thai Tea Side Effects

To begin with, Thai iced tea is high in sugar content. The Better Health Channel of the Victoria State Government, Australia, explains that sugar should be consumed in moderation. Eating too much sugar can lead to weight gain.

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