What is the contribution of Thailand in arts and crafts of the world?

What is the contribution of Thailand in arts?

The most frequent themes for Thai painting are illustrations of the Jataka tales , events from the life of the Buddha, the Buddhist heavens and hells, and scenes from daily life. Paintings from the mid-19th century onward began to show the influence of Western art, for example, with the introduction of perspective.

How did the culture of Thailand preserve their traditional arts?

The traditional Thai art center Ban Chang Thai or the House of Thai Artisans, preserves the art of puppet making, painting and miniature Khon masks.

What are the characteristic presented in the arts of Thailand?

Traditional Thai paintings usually consist of book illustrations, and painted ornamentation of buildings such as palaces and temples. Thai art, architecture and design is characterized by subtlety of design and form with considerable use of symbols, amulets, mystical drawings and both public and private statuary.

Which of the following religions have the greatest impact on the traditional arts and crafts of Thailand?

Buddhism has had a major influence on Thai art, architecture, sculpture, and painting.

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