What is the function of Wat Pho in Thailand?

What does Wat Pho symbolize?

symbolism has two layers, present in the same space. In the first layer, Wat Pho is a model of the Jambu Continent with a centre at the sisa phaendin (ศีรษะแผ่นดิน) or Head Land, meaning that Wat Pho is the centre of the world of Buddhism according to the beliefs in the Trailokawinitchai.

What is the significance of the Reclining Buddha?

A reclining Buddha statue or image represents The Buddha during his last illness, about to enter Parinirvana, the stage of great salvation after death that can only be attained by enlightened souls.

What does the Emerald Buddha represent?

More than just a spoil of battle, the Emerald Buddha was believed to bring legitimacy and prosperity to all those who possess it. Thus kings throughout the region have desired to have the Emerald Buddha preside over and bring good favor to their capitals.

How do you pronounce Wat Pho?

Wat Pho/Wat Phra Kaew

As we’ve learned above, neither should be attempted using anything resembling an “f”, which makes Wat Pho simply “Wat Po”, like the author Edgar Allan Poe. Wat Phra Kaew is a little trickier; kaew is pronounced closer to a “g” than a “k”, making it “Wat Pra Gaew”.

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