Which country of Southeast Asia has the region’s highest total fertility rate?

Which country has the largest total population in Southeast Asia quizlet?

Indonesia has the largest population of 240 million.

Which country in Southeast Asia contains the largest area of lowlands?

The most extensive coastal lowland is the lower Mekong basin, which encompasses most of Cambodia and southern Vietnam. The Cambodian portion is a broad, bowl-shaped area lying just above sea level, with numerous hill outcrops jutting above the landscape; at its centre is a large freshwater lake, the Tonle Sap.

What country of Southeast Asia has the region’s lowest total fertility Ratea rate so low below replacement level that its population may soon begin to decline?

South Korea’s fertility rate dropped to a record low of 0.92 in 2019 — less than one child per woman, the lowest rate in the developed world. Every month for the past 59 months, the total number of babies born in the country has dropped to a record depth.

What country in Asia has the lowest birth rate?

The number of crude births per 1000 people, per year in Asia: The average for 2019 based on 47 countries was 17.94 births per 1000 people. The highest value was in Afghanistan: 31.8 births per 1000 people and the lowest value was in South Korea: 5.9 births per 1000 people.

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Which country has the largest total population in Southeast Asia?

By far the nation with the largest population was Indonesia, with about two-fifths of the regional total; in contrast, Brunei’s population was only a tiny fraction of that. Nearly half of the regional population was accounted for by the mainland states, with Vietnam and Thailand being the most populous.

Where is the largest population center in Southeast Asia?

Vietnam is Southeast Asia’s largest population center.

Which country or countries has the highest share of people living in urban areas in Europe?


Country 2014 2018
France 78 80
Germany 74 77
Greece 76 79
Hungary 69 71