Which Toyotas are made in Thailand?

Is Hilux made in Thailand?

Toyota Hilux: 154,847 registrations

Known for its reliability, it is made in Toyota Thailand’s Samrong plant. In Thailand, it is called the Toyota Hilux Revo and is offered in Standard Cab, Smart Cab, and Double Cab guises.

Which Toyotas are made in Thailand?

Manufactured locally

  • Toyota Yaris ATIV (2017–present)
  • Toyota Yaris (2006–present)
  • Toyota Vios (2002–present)
  • Toyota Corolla Altis (2001–present)
  • Toyota Corolla Cross (2020–present)
  • Toyota C-HR (2018–present)
  • Toyota Camry (1999–present)

Which Toyota cars are still made in Japan?

What Toyota Models Are Made In Japan?

  • Toyota Prius.
  • Toyota 86.
  • Toyota Mirai.
  • Toyota Land Cruiser.
  • Toyota 4Runner.

Which utes are made in Japan?

The only Japanese ute that’s still, sort of, fully ‘bushido’ in respect of its notional homeland is the somewhat agricultural Toyota Landcruiser 70-Series cab-chassis. It’s the only one in the top 10 still made in Japan. Volkswagen Amarok – that legendary German build quality: Made in Argentina.

What’s better Ford Ranger or Toyota HiLux?

The HiLux has a tough as old boots image associated with it, plus generally favourable reports on reliability. It is arguably slightly more sure-footed off-road, but less of an all-rounder. It isn’t as fuel-efficient, it isn’t as powerful, and Rangers come with somewhat better interior features and gadgets.

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