Who is the father of Philippine Opera?

What is the Philippine opera?

The Philippine opera is a music performed dramatically in a theatrical setting. Its common themes include murder, revenge and romance. … The Philippine musical plays are in a way serve as fruits of theater and are highly influenced by broadway presentations. Its themes include adaptation from novels and the likes.

Where was the first opera presented?

The first recognisable opera, with the story told through song and music, was Orfeo by Monteverdi, first performed in Mantua in Italy in 1607.

How did the Philippine opera start?

Opera was first introduced to the Philippines in 1878 through the zarzuela, a Spanish art and music form that involves spoken and sung words; it was eventually called sarswela after adapting to local culture. The sarswela would, then, more commonly be known as local opera.

What is the usual element of Philippine operas?

is an art and musical form in which singers and musicians perform a dramatic combining text (called libretto) and a musical score, usually in elaborate theatrical setting. it incorporates many of the elements of spoken theater, such as acting, scenery, costumes, and sometimes dance.

What kind of opera is La Traviata?

It’s a romantic tragedy by Verdi…

Literally translating to ‘The Fallen Woman’, La traviata is a tragic tale about Parisian courtesan, Violetta, who attempts to leave the life she knows behind, in an attempt to finally find true love.

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Who composed Rigoletto?