Why did Kaavan send elephant to Cambodia?

Why did Kaavan elephant shift to Cambodia?

The 35-year-old was the sole Asian elephant in Pakistan after his mate Saheli died in 2020 due to sepsis at the Marghazar Zoo. ‘World’s loneliest elephant’ has been transported to Cambodia where it is hoped that he will produce ‘many’ babies if he adapts well to the surroundings.

Why did Kavan shift to Cambodia?

Kaavan was gifted by the government of Sri Lanka to Pakistan in 1985. He remained at the Islamabad Zoo until November 2020, when he was moved to a sanctuary in Cambodia, in response to a campaign launched by local and international animal rights activists, led by American singer Cher.

Did Kaavan the elephant make it to Cambodia?

The pachyderm dubbed the “world’s loneliest elephant” arrived in Cambodia Monday, following his rescue from a Pakistani zoo. After a seven-hour flight from Pakistan in a custom-built enclosure, Kaavan was welcomed to Cambodia by chanting Buddhist monks and sent on his way to a wildlife sanctuary.

Why is it called world’s loneliest elephant?

After Kaavan’s partner died in 2012, he was dubbed the “world’s loneliest elephant” — and since 2016, Cher has been part of a huge social media campaign to relocate him.

Is Kaavan in Cambodia now?

Kaavan was relocated to Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary (CWS) on November 30 after five years of campaigning to relocate him from Islamabad zoo, Pakistan, an allegedly abusive environment. … “Kaavan is really becoming an elephant now.

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