You asked: How much is a Mercedes in Vietnam?

What is the cost of mercedes in vietnam?

The CLA Class is priced between 1,47 ₫ Billion and 2,2 ₫ Billion.

Is India cheaper than Vietnam?

India is 25.6% cheaper than Vietnam.

How much does a BMW cost?

2021 BMW X3 – Starting at $43,000 MSRP. 2021 BMW X4 – Starting at $51,600 MSRP. 2021 BMW X5 – Starting at $59,400 MSRP. 2021 BMW X6 – Starting at $65,050 MSRP.

What is Audi price?

Audi car price starts at Rs 35 Lakh for the cheapest model which is Q2 and the price of most expensive model, which is RS Q8 starts at Rs 2.07 Crore.

Audi Cars Price List (November 2021) in India.

Audi RS5 ₹ 1.04 Crore
Audi RS Q8 ₹ 2.07 Crore
Audi RS7 Sportback ₹ 1.94 Crore
Audi A8 L ₹ 1.58 Crore
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