You asked: What is the population of Karen in Myanmar?

Is Karen different than Burmese?

Do not confuse or refer to the Karen as Burmese. Ethnically, they are an entirely different group and many do not speak Burmese. Although the Karen have come from the country of Burma, it is not by choice.

Which country has the most Karens?

The global geography of the Karen – Which countries complain the most?

Rank Country No. of Karens
1 United States 1,584,764
2 England 282,743
3 Canada 142,348
4 Philippines 98,933

How many Karen soldiers are there?

As of early 2021, the KNLA is estimated to have at least 28,000 troops. The army is divided into seven brigades and a ‘Special Force’ reserved for special operations. KNLA fighting force numbered approximately 20,000 in 1980.

Karen National Liberation Army
Size 20,000
Part of Karen National Union

What are Karen immigrants?

They are a recent but rapidly growing immigrant population in the United States. Many Karen who emigrate are refugees as a result of violence in their homeland. Many come either from their traditional homeland of Kawthoolei in Myanmar or from refugee camps in Thailand.

What type of language is Karen?

They are of unclear affiliation within the Sino-Tibetan languages. The Karen languages are written using the Karen script.

Karenic languages.

Geographic distribution South-eastern Myanmar, Western Thailand
Linguistic classification Sino-Tibetan Karenic
Proto-language Proto-Karenic
Subdivisions Sgaw Pa’o Pwo
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