You asked: What planting zone is Vietnam?

What is the climate type in Vietnam?

Climate – Vietnam. In Vietnam, the climate is subtropical in the north and tropical in the center and south, and it’s influenced by the monsoons: the south-west monsoon affects the country from May to October, and the northeast monsoon from October to April.

Why is Vietnam vulnerable to climate?

Unfortunately, Vietnam is identified by IPCC as one of the countries likely to be most affected by climate change due to its extensive coastline, vast deltas and floodplains, location on the path of typhoons as well as its large population in poverty.

What are the growing zones in Canada?

Hardiness Zones in Canada

  • Vancouver: 8b.
  • Victoria: 9b.
  • Kelowna: 7a.
  • Edmonton: 4a.
  • Calgary: 4a.
  • Saskatoon: 3b.
  • Winnipeg: 4a.
  • Toronto: 7a.

What are the growing zones in Australia?

Australia lies in Plant Hardiness Zones 7 through 12 with some variations across regions and seasons.

What zone is Perth?

List of fare zones

Zone Railway lines
Armadale/Thornlie Line
Zone 1 / Free transit zone Perth McIver Claisebrook
Zone 1 Perth Stadium Burswood Victoria Park Carlisle Oats Street Welshpool
Zone 2 Queens Park Cannington Beckenham Thornlie Kenwick Maddington
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