You asked: Which is the flag of Singapore?

What does the Singapore flag mean for kids?

Interesting Singapore Facts for Kids

National Flag: The red stands for brotherhood and equality, the white for purity and virtue, while the crescent moon stands for the young nation on the rise and the five stars are the ideals which are followed: democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality.

When should I take down the Singapore flag 2021?

Use of the Flag in design

As a general rule, the Flag may not be used for any commercial or advertising purposes except during the National Day celebrations period of 1 July to 30 September annually and subject to our approval.

How old is Singapore this year?

Singapore turns 56 on 9 August 2021! No matter where in the world you may be, we can’t wait to celebrate National Day with you.

What does the crest in Singapore flag mean?

The State Crest of Singapore is formed by a shield emblazoned with a white crescent moon and five white stars against a red background. Red is used to symbolise universal brotherhood and the equality of man, while white signifies pervading and everlasting purity and virtue.

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Who found Singapore for kids?

1819 to 1940

Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles set up a British trading town in 1819, and it became an important town in the Malay Archipelago, “Singapore”.

What is the history of Singapore flag?

The flag of Singapore was adopted in 1959, the year Singapore became self-governing within the British Empire. It remained the national flag upon the state’s independence from Malaysia on 9 August 1965.

Flag of Singapore.

Use National flag
Proportion 2:3
Adopted 3 December 1959 (reconfirmed 9 August 1965)

What is the purpose of a national flag?

To fly the national flag is a sign of pride and patriotism. It a positive affirmation of loyalty and commitment. It marks out a country that has confidence in itself, and is comfortable with its place in the world, its history and its future.

Why is the flag so important?

The flag is so important that its history tells the story of America itself. It represents the freedom, dignity, and true meaning of being an American. It has been with us through our war times, our sad times, but also in times of our greatest joys and triumphs.

What is Singapore known for?

Singapore is a wealthy city state in south-east Asia. Once a British colonial trading post, today it is a thriving global financial hub and described as one of Asia’s economic “tigers”. It is also renowned for its conservatism and strict local laws and the country prides itself on its stability and security.

What are the 3 national symbols of Singapore?

The first three National Symbols – the National Flag, State Crest (National Coat of Arms) and National Anthem – were unveiled during the installation of Encik Yusof bin Ishak as the first Malayan-born Yang di-Pertuan Negara (Head of State) on 3 December 1959 at the City Hall Chambers.

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