Your question: How old is Philippine General Hospital?

Who founded Philippine General Hospital?

Then Secretary of Interior of the Philippine Commission Dean C. Worcester conceived an original vision of building a hospital, a medical school, and a laboratory as one integral complex in the new American colony that paved the way to the development of the current medical college and the Philippine General Hospital.

What is the name of the first hospital built in the Philippines?

The first hospital in the Philippines was a military one that was built on the southern island of Cebu in 1565. This was transferred to the walled city of Intramuros in Manila in 1571 and later renamed Sternburg Hospital by the invading Americans in 1898. This hospital was destroyed during World War II.

Who built Philippine Heart Center?

Who pioneered teaching psychiatry at the University of the Philippines Philippine General Hospital?

In 1910, the Philippine General Hospital was opened during which two American physicians, Almond T. Gough and Samuel Tretze, began to teach psychiatry to the medical students who rotated for their clinical practicum at the Insane Department of San Lazaro Hospital and the Insular Psychopathic Hospital.

What is a general hospital?

General hospitals may be academic health facilities or community-based entities. They are general in the sense that they admit all types of medical and surgical cases, and they concentrate on patients with acute illnesses needing relatively short-term care.

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