Your question: Is My Vietnam Visa legit?

How do I check my Vietnam visa?

Please fill the form online to check your visa status with our live agent via email or email to if you want to make sure your request will come to us. We will reply you shortly via email.

Is Vietnam visa on arrival legitimate?

Is Vietnam Visa on Arrival Legitimate? Yes, it is. Getting a Vietnamese visa on arrival is a 100% legal process. The authorized visa approval letter is granted by Vietnam Immigration Department.

What is the official website for Vietnam visa?

Vietnam evisa – National portal on Immigration.

How do I check my visa?

How to check Visa status using the Passport Number?

  1. Visit the official website for visa of the country you are visiting.
  2. Find the option to track the status of visa applications.
  3. Enter Passport Number/ Acknowledgement Number and Date of Birth.
  4. Enter captcha code and then click on submit.
  5. The status of Visa will be displayed.

Is Vietnam visa free for Ghanaian citizens?

Ghanaian Is NOT IN the VIETNAM VISA EXEMPTION list. So, the Ghanaian Citizen live in Ghana or other countries needs tourist visa to enter and travel at Vietnam. There are two options to apply Vietnam Tourist Visa for Ghanaian citizen: Option 1: Apply Visa On Arrival online with Vietnam Immigration Dept.

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Which country can get visa on arrival in Vietnam?

List of countries eligible for Vietnam visa on arrival

Albania Falkland Romania
Chile Hungary Tanzania
Colombia Iceland Thailand
Comoros India Tokelau
Cook Islands Indonesia Turkmenistan

What is the best way to get a visa for Vietnam?

Here’s how to apply for a Vietnam Visa online in 4 easy steps:

  1. Get started by filling out the secure online form.
  2. Confirm and pay.
  3. Receive and print the Approval Letter.
  4. Get your visa stamp upon arrival at one of three Vietnam international airports.
  5. Get started by filling out the secure online form. …
  6. Confirm and pay.

Where do I get a visa for Vietnam?

Apply for your visa through the local embassy

Most tourists get their visa through a Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate office in their country of residence or in their travel country before entering Vietnam.

Is Vietnam issuing tourist visas?

The Government of Vietnam has suspended the issuance of visas for foreigners entering Vietnam effective March 18 until further notice. As of March 22, the Government of Vietnam has suspended the entry of all foreigners into Vietnam, including people with a Vietnamese visa exemption certificate.

How much does a Vietnam visa cost?


Type of visa Cost/Person(USD) Stamping Fee
3 months single entry $27 $25
1 month multiple entry $22 $50
3 months multiple entry $55 $50
1 year (US passports only) $55 $135