Are phones cheaper in Thailand than India?

Are mobile phones cheaper in Thailand than India?

​Thailand (Starts Rs 89,250 and is almost Rs 10,650 cheaper)

In Thailand, Apple iPhone XS (64GB) sells at 39,900 Thai Baht after taxes which translates to around Rs 89,250 in India. The iPhone XS starting price in India at Rs 99,900.

Are mobiles cheap in Thailand?

For visitors to Thailand, buying a new mobile or cell phone in Bangkok is often on top of the list of things to do. Cheap, with thousands of brands, colors and designs, and easy to get cell phone service for, buying a mobile phone in Bangkok is a breeze.

Are electronic items cheaper in Bangkok than India?

Computer items cost as much or more as in India. TVs are cheaper but then the Customs duty has recently been increased. Clothes are cheaper and you should head to Chatuchak market for that.

Which phones are cheap in India?

Top 10 Budget Mobile Phones (Low Cost) Price List

Budget Mobile Phones (Low Cost) List Latest Price Value for Money
Samsung Galaxy F12 Rs. 9,499 94 / 100
Realme C11 2021 Rs. 6,449 70 / 100
Infinix Hot 10 Play Rs. 8,499 70 / 100
Samsung Galaxy F12 128GB Rs. 10,499 91 / 100
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In which country mobile phones are cheaper?

The findings are astonishing. USA, Hong Kong, Japan and UAE (Dubai) are the cheapest places to buy the iPhone 12 series, while India is one of the most expensive places. In Hong Kong, for example, iPhone 12 Mini (64GB) costs HK$5999 (or approx Rs 56,804) but in India, the same model will set you back by Rs 69,900.

Which country has cheapest iPhone compared to India?


The iPhone would cost you less than 1 lakh and save you around Rs. 30,000. The price for the top model IPhone in Australia is almost 33 per cent less as compared to India. The rest of the iPhones from the series are also available at lower prices.

Is Thailand is cheaper than India?

India is 46.7% cheaper than Thailand.

Can you use your phone in Thailand?

Using a U.S. Cell Phone in Thailand – Most American cell phones are locked. What that means is you can only use them with a certain carrier so, if you’re using your cell phone with AT&T, you can’t just come to Thailand, buy a Thai SIM card and connect to a Thai network. Your locked phone won’t let you.

How do I charge my phone in Thailand?

To charge any mobile phone from the Thai power outlet you will need to use a Type A USB power adapter and a USB 2.0 A Male to Micro B cable. Start by plugging the Type A USB power adapter into the wall supply. You can identify this plug supply by the 2 thin slots next to each other where the twin pins sit.

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Where can I buy cheap electronics in Thailand?

3 Best Places to Buy Cheap Electronics in Bangkok

  • MBK Center (Siam) If you want to buy a new phone or tablet the MBK Center is the place to go. …
  • Pantip Plaza (Pratunam) Pantip Plaza is a paradise for any kind of computer shopping. …
  • Fortune Town IT Mall (Rama 9)

Are LED TV cheaper in Bangkok?

A super flat LED TV is at least 40 per cent cheaper in Bangkok than in India. In India, it is still a luxury, but at Bangkok prices, it falls within the middle class budget. For up to 32 inch TVs, there is no customs duty because in Indian rupees, the prices convert to around Rs. 20, 000.

Is Bangkok safe?

Bangkok is generally safe for travelers and backpackers, but it’s also incredibly hectic. Petty theft (including bag snatching) is the most common type of crime you’ll face. Also, some people will try to rip you off, including taxi drivers who refuse to turn on their meters.