Does Malaysia Airlines have Boeing 737 MAX 8?

Does Malaysia Airlines use Boeing 737 Max?

UPDATE 2-Malaysia Aviation Group to accept 737 MAX jet deliveries from 2024. … The company has agreed with Boeing to take delivery of its orders from 2024, over a course of three to four years, Group Chief Executive Captain Izham Ismail said in a virtual press briefing.

How many aircraft does Malaysia have?

Malaysia Airlines Fleet Details and History

Malaysia Airlines
Group / Part of Malaysia Aviation Group
Base / Main Hub Kuala Lumpur International (KUL / WMKK)
Fleet Size 83 Aircraft
Average Fleet Age 1 9.2 Years

How many Boeing 737 MAX are flying now?

With over 370 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft now flying, there are now in service than when grounded in March 2019, according to a report by Ascend by Cirium.

Is the MAX 8 safe now?

Is it safe now? By endorsement of the FAA, Boeing and its pilots, the 737 MAX has been determined as safe to fly. But safe pilots fly planes safely and part of being a safe pilot is being well-trained and well-informed as to the full functionality of an aircraft’s systems.

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