Frequent question: Where can I buy raw oysters in Singapore?

How much is a dozen raw oysters?

Market prices on oysters generally range from $36-$54 per dozen, depending on current selection and availability.

Can you eat oyster?

Oysters are primarily a finger food and should be eaten raw, fresh and right from the shell. No silverware, no plates, you just need to put your lips right up to the shell and slurp away. This tiny fork that may frequently accompany oysters is used just to loosen the oyster from the shell.

Why are raw oysters so expensive?

Oysters popularity has put an ever-increasing demands on wild oyster stocks. This scarcity increased prices, converting them from their original role as working class food to their current status as an expensive delicacy.

How much are oysters at Whole Foods?

The whole foods oysters price hovers around $36 to $54 per dozen. Prices really depend on where the oysters are purchased. Whole foods oysters price tends to fall on the more expensive side because oysters are typically farmed, and it takes a lot of time and effort to raise them.

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