How many km Bashi Channel to Philippines?

How many cm is Bashi Channel?


Additional Physical Format: Online version: United States. Defense Mapping Agency. Hydrographic/Topographic Center. Taiwan–Philippines, Luzon Strait–northern part, Bashi Channel. (OCoLC)822999315
Description: 1 map : color ; 71 x 106 cm

Where do we find Bashi Channel?

The Bashi Channel is a waterway between the Philippines’ Y’Ami Island and Taiwan’s Orchid Island, and has become an important passage for military operations by the US and China.

How far is Taiwan from Luzon?

The total straight line distance between Luzon and Taiwan is 2116 KM (kilometers) and 146.14 meters. The miles based distance from Luzon to Taiwan is 1314.9 miles.

Where is Indonesia located from the Philippines?

Indonesia is located nearly north side to Philippines. The given north direction from Philippines is only approximate.

What is the approximate coordinate of the Philippines?

Geography of the Philippines

Continent Asia
Coordinates 13°00’N 122°00’E
Area Ranked 72nd
• Total 300,000 km2 (120,000 sq mi)
• Land 99.38%

Which of the following bodies of water can be found at the northern part of the Philippines?

The Philippine coastline adds up to 17,500 kms. Three prominent bodies of water surround the archipelago: the Pacific Ocean on the east, the South China Sea on the west and north, and the Celebes Sea on the south.

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