Is human trafficking common in Cambodia?

Is Cambodia known for human trafficking?

Cambodian men form the largest source of demand for children exploited in sex trafficking; however, men from elsewhere in Asia, Australia, Europe, South Africa, and the United States travel to Cambodia to engage in child sex tourism, increasingly facilitated through social media contact.

What country is most common for human trafficking?

Pakistan, Thailand, China, India, and Bangladesh are in the top 10 for countries with the largest number of trafficking victims around the world. India is at the top of the list with 14 million victims, China comes in second with 3.2 million victims, and Pakistan comes in at third with 2.1 million victims.

Why is there human trafficking in Cambodia?

Cambodian men are trafficked primarily to Thailand for forced labor in the construction, agriculture, and fishing industries. A significant number of Cambodian children are trafficked to Vietnam and Thailand for the purpose of forced begging.

Are there any anti trafficking measures in Cambodia?

The MFAIC continued to implement consular screening measures to reduce the sex and labor trafficking of Cambodian women via forced and fraudulent marriages, including by assessing applicants against trafficking victim profiles jointly developed with China in 2016.

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What is human trafficking Thailand?

Sex trafficking in Thailand is human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation and slavery that occurs in the Kingdom of Thailand. … Child prostitution in Thailand is a problem. In Thailand, close to 40,000 children under the age of 16 are believed to be in the sex trade, working in clubs, bars, and brothels.

What country has the least human trafficking?

Worst Countries For Human Trafficking Today

Rank Country
1 Equatorial Guinea
2 Eritrea
3 Iran
4 North Korea

What are the top 10 human trafficking 2020 cities?


  • Houston, Texas. 3,634.
  • Washington, District of Columbia. 401.
  • New York, New York. 3,074.
  • Atlanta, Georgia. 317.
  • Los Angeles, California. 2,803.
  • Orlando, Florida. 285.
  • Washington, District of Columbia. 2,730.
  • Miami, Florida. 271.

How common is human trafficking in the US?

The International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that at least 12.3 million people are victims of forced labor at any given time, 2.4 million of whom toil in forced labor as a result of trafficking. The U.S. Department of State estimates that 14,500 to 17,500 people are trafficked into the United States each year.

Is slavery legal in Cambodia?

There appears to be no legislation in place in Cambodia which prohibits institutions and practices similar to slavery, although Article 4 of the Law on Marriage and Family prohibits forced marriage.

What is the human trafficking?

Human trafficking is the physical movement of people across and within borders through deceptive means, force or coercion. The people who commit human trafficking offences are motivated by the continuing exploitation of their victims once they reach their destination country.

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