Question: Does Thailand grow rice?

Why is rice so common in Thailand?

Thailand has a huge stockpile of rice. Heavy rains in 2005 produced record harvests. Droughts in 2004 reduced the harvest. The Thai government accumulated 4.3 million tons of milled rice after buying rice from farmers as part of a pledging scheme in 2006.

Is rice from Thailand good?

The World Rice Conference has declared Thailand’s fragrant Hom Mali variety the world’s best rice, maintaining Thailand’s number one position after several years of lower rice quality due to a previous rice-pledging scheme. Thailand nominated three varieties. …

How many types of rice are there in Thailand?

There are altogether 89 varieties of local rice which include 16 in Central region, 12 in Northern region, 23 in Northeastern region, and 38 in Southern region. Among them are of 2 types: 21 varieties of glutinous rice and 68 varieties of non-glutinous rice.

Is Basmati rice grown in Thailand?

One petition, filed with the US Department of Agriculture, demands that it amend its rice standards on ‘aromatic’ rice to clarify that the term ‘basmati’ can only be used for rice grown in India and Pakistan, and the word ‘jasmine’ grown in Thailand.

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