Question: Where can I buy souvenirs in Malaysia?

What is the popular souvenir in Malaysia?

1. Batik. Malaysian Batik (Source) Batik is one of the very significant souvenirs of Malaysia, both for yourself and as a gift, since it represents Malaysia deeply. It is perhaps the frontrunner of traditional crafting done in the country.

What product is Malaysia famous for?

Malaysia is famous worldwide for her Pewter goods, and you’ll be tempted to select from a large variety of Pewter decorative goods on offer, including kitchenware and tepak sireh sets, all with their unique designs.

What are some common types of souvenirs?

Souvenirs as objects include mass-produced merchandise such as clothing: T-shirts and hats; collectables: postcards, refrigerator magnets, key chains, pins, souvenir coins and tokens, miniature bells, models, figurines, statues; household items: spoons, mugs, bowls, plates, ashtrays, egg timers, fudge, notepads, …

What product is from Malaysia?

We dug deep and uncovered 15 truly surprising brands that many of you will know, but probably not know are Malaysian. Malaysia Boleh!

Malaysian Brands

  • Jimmy Choo. Source: Wardrobe Trends Fashion. …
  • Bonia. Source: Kee Hwu Chee. …
  • Shangri-La Hotels. …
  • Karex. …
  • Secret Recipe. …
  • Giant. …
  • Dutch Lady Milk. …
  • Munchy’s.

Which products are made in Malaysia?

Other Products Made In Malaysia

  • Pharmaceutical and toiletries.
  • Cosmetic products.
  • Oil and gas products.
  • Automation equipment and machinery.
  • Household products.
  • Stationery.
  • Telecommunication products.
  • Wooden goods.
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